Night storage units


Rounded section and lowered top for Ronda night storage units. Base with wooden plinth or metal feet in two different heights. Lowered top to be embellished with a wood or lacquered, stoneware or mirror top. Exquisite elegance.

Night stands, dressers and tall units with tray tops

The round top of Ronda's night stands, dressers and tall units protrudes slightly from the top so as to offer the effect of a tray, useful for placing small objects on and protecting them from accidental falls. This conformation facilitates the grip opening of the top drawer. The other drawers open with the push-pull system.

The interiors of the Ronda containers are upholstered in a textured, ginger-coloured finish that simulates leather.

Base with plinth or feet

The Ronda night storage units rest their rounded forms on a low wooden plinth that continues the lines and can be stained in the entire range of Dallagnese woods and lacquers. But you can also decide to interrupt the round monolith effect and slender night stands, tall units and tall units on a base with metal feet in two different heights.
How do you want to make your Ronda containers? Check the available finishes for all components now and make your choice.
  • Structure
  • Top
  • Feet

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