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Night storage units


Lama night stands, tall units and tall units form a large family, with solutions for every need. Their shape suggests a monolithic effect enhanced by the top in refined stoneware and wood finishes and by the original opening system: a metal groove profile on both sides.
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Lama night stands, dressers and tall units

This family of night stands, tall units and tall units is quite extensive. Their minimalist design offers a full frontal view of the drawer, which has no storage frame and is apparently resting on the floor without feet. In reality, the feet disappear above the base. The tops are in the various wood, wood-grain or lacquer finishes, or in stoneware.
Lama dresser | Dallagnese
Lama nightstand | Dallagnese

The stoneware tops are made from large, randomly cut slabs so that each piece is unique and unrepeatable.

Lateral groove as an opening system

To achieve the extreme cleanliness of the front of the Lama night storage units, an original opening system has been inserted, which exploits a lateral groove. It is placed on both sides vertically so that fingers can be inserted to open drawers and baskets and is made of lacquered metal, also in a contrasting colour to the colour chosen for the structure.
Lama nightstand throat opening detail | Dallagnese
Choose from the available finishes for the structure and tops of Lama night stands, tall units and tall units. Remember that the opening groove can also be in a contrasting colour.
  • Structure
  • Top
  • Base and handles

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