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The extended headboard of the upholstered Slit bed is a striking decoration, compared to the more contained bed frame. From its height it tilts to show off the horizontal insert, a handcrafted element, covered in leather or dyed in the finishes of Dallagnese's wood portfolio.
Slit upholstered double bed | Dallagnese

Comfortable, upholstered bed with removable cover

The shape of Slit's upholstered headboard firmly supports the back of the sitter and makes for a comfortable stay. This is achieved by the slightly downward sloping line of the upper part, the one following the horizontal insert. You can cover the headboard, which is always removable like the bed frame, in fabric, eco-leather or leather and complete Slit with a storage base or feet, like most Dallagnese beds.
Slit upholstered double bed and Ronda nightstand | Dallagnese
Slit double bed headboard | Dallagnese

The headboard and bed frame can be upholstered in fabric, eco-leather or leather, in the various finish options selected by Dallagnese.

Discover all the finishes available for the upholstery of the Slit bed and the horizontal insert that characterises its headboard.
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