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A double bed with a headboard with two upholstered cushions and a wooden frame with shaped feet, the Settanta features a eco-leather shell that it shares with an entire family dedicated to the night area, consisting of a night stand, chest of drawers, writing desk and dressing table.
Settanta double bed | Dallagnese

Centrepiece double bed

Thanks to the special design of a eco-leather shell that embraces and supports the headboard, finished in the smallest details, the Settanta bed is perfect even in the middle of the room, interesting to look at from every angle. Its wooden frame, which also includes shaped support feet, is upholstered in the upper part.
Settanta bed and Settanta nightstand | Dallagnese
Settanta double bed and Settanta nightstands | Dallagnese

You can choose removable headboard cushions in fabric, eco-leather or leather. And cover the bed frame in the same finish or opt for a contrasting choice.

See all the finishes of the different components needed to make the Settanta bed. Together we can tastefully furnish the entire bedroom.
  • Upholstery
  • Shell
  • Structure

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