Table with metal frame, central tie rods, thin top in different sizes. Radar is the harmony of tension. It intercepts those who seek an agreement between balance and movement.

Table with tie rods

Radar is a table with central tie rods attached to the metal base to support its structure, a nod to the lattice structures of engineering designs, grafted onto an homage to the famous medieval "fratino table." Used in convents, it had a thick, narrow and long top supported by legs placed at the ends, connected by a longitudinal crossbar.

Poised between balance and movement. Radar expresses this quest with its minimal metal frame, equipped with central tie rods.

Thin top

Radar's slim top is either fixed and rectangular, so as to create a table with an industrial flavor, or with a fixed top that is more oval to aim for a more traditional and elegant style ensemble. In the rectangular veneer version, the perimeter edge can be chosen straight or tilted at 30°.

Balance of styles

The rigorousness of the Radar table goes well with other regular, linear forms, such as the Glass Up storage units for the living room or the Slim Up sideboard and its distinctive ornamental play of horizontal and vertical grooves.
The Radar table offers a wide variety of finishes to choose from to customize it to your exact needs. Check them out now.
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