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Slim Air

Slim Air enhances the formal cleanliness of Slim. It forgoes the base and is a suspended sideboard, to be highlighted with LED lights on the bottom or metal splashback. With stoneware fronts, tops and sides, it gives a monolithic effect.
Slim Air sideboard | Dallagnese

Upholstered wooden shell

The wooden shell of the Slim Air wall-hung sideboard is available in all the wood finishes in the Dallagnese portfolio and can be enhanced by metal tops, sides and splashback or by stoneware tops and sides with doors composed of a metal frame and stoneware panel. A variety of interior accessories are available upon request, including the perfect bar rack arrangement for the living area. To further enhance the hanging sideboard, we suggest backlighting it.
Slim Air sideboard interiors | Dallagnese

Slim Air is lightness in hanging sideboard format, which you can dress up in a thousand different finishes.

See all the different material finishes available to create your Slim Air hanging sideboard. Together we can tastefully furnish your home.
  • Structure
  • Top
  • Side panels
  • Lift
  • Doors
  • Door frame
  • Inner structure
  • Inner shelves

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