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Slim Up

This is a highly customizable sideboard with a wooden shell, wood, stoneware or metal top and doors in glass, stoneware or the various wood finishes. The opening is with a groove grip or XL handle with an important decorative effect.
Slim Up sideboard | Dallagnese

Slim Up sideboard

Slim Up shares the shell and rich modularity with Slim and offers two different opening systems. The groove one has a purely practical function, while the XL metal handle, in addition to serving to grip the opening, also becomes an ornament, to be enhanced even more by playing on color contrasts The sideboard version can have two, three or four doors and various dimensions in width and height, with transparent glass interior shelves.
Slim Up sideboard | Dallagnese

For Slim Up you can also use the XL handle for vertical openings, which is so wide that it becomes a real decoration.

Slim Up storage unit

The Slim Up storage unit has four doors and interior glass shelves, or wood shelves upon request, and can be variously accessorized inside In the picture it is made in a metallic lacquer finish, which first requires spraying and then careful manual sanding until the desired effect, similar to brushed metal, is achieved.
Slim Up storage units | Dallagnese
Slim Up storage unit | Dallagnese
We invite you to look at the finishes available for each element that makes up the Slim Up sideboard or storage unit to choose a combination that suits your style.
  • Top
  • Doors
  • External structure
  • Inner structure
  • Base
  • Door frame
  • Inner shelves

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