It is a table with a central metal base with carefully crafted metal rods. In the version with a large oval rectangular top, it has two bases.

The metal tube base

The metal rods of the plinth reach out and away, sinuous and compound. Precise and expert workmanship, worthy of the master ironworkers of yesteryear, is required to achieve such an effect.

The Bomber table is distinguished by the metal rod work on the base.

Bomber tops

It is a table with a fixed top: round with light lines, square with rounded corners or oval and elegant. The tops are made of different materials and in a variety of finishes.

The chairs to match

We like to find the same curvy forms of the Bomber table in the chairs that accompany it. That is why we suggest here the cozy Gulp chair or, as in the other images, the comfortable Le Mans chair.
Decide how the Bomber table is best for you from your choice of available finishes. Discover them now.
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