Table with wooden legs and rectangular top extendable by two extensions placed on the same side so as to maintain the harmony of proportions and comfort of diners.

Quality of workmanship

Smooth's wooden legs are crafted as one-piece pieces that rise up to slender the table, until they join directly with the top and the frame that supports it, in a precision fit.

Smooth is the elegance of simplicity of a basic table shape. When design, quality materials and workmanship make the difference.

Side extensions

The two side extensions of 400 mm each, made in the same finish as the top, slide into the system built into the frame under the top and move the Smooth table legs outward. In this way they ensure the comfort of those who sit without getting in the way and the harmony of proportions. Also contributing to their aesthetic refinement is the fact that they are balanced, that is, the grain of the top continues perfect on them as well.

Smooth and Hull

It is the Smooth table's designer himself, Matteo Zorzenoni, who suggests pairing it with another of Dallagnese's products he has designed, the cozy Hull armchair.
See what finishes are available for the Smooth table and start imagining what its version will look like to furnish your space.
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