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Wardrobe with hinged door


Simply is the simplest hinged door. Combined with different handles, it completely changes personality and is ideal to match and enhance more significant doors, when they need to be lightened. It is available in wood essences and lacquered finishes.
Simply hinged door wardrobe | Dallagnese

Decorative handles for the Simply door

The linearity of the Simply hinged door is an opportunity to enhance every available detail: the numerous handles, including key locks, wood and matt, glossy laquered finishes and also special lacquered with a metal or concrete effect, and the numerous modules, including inside and outside corners. In the pictures, the Simply linear door in grigio seta matt lacquered finish is combined with the M03 handle in black metal.
Simply wardrobe with hinged door and toilet corner | Dallagnese
Door with handle Simply wardrobe | Dallagnese

The Simply door can be used in combination with other hinged doors to soften their succession and at the same time enhance it.

Integrated toilet corner

Simply can be customised with a toilet corner, turning the bedroom into a multifunctional space. A clever design that incorporates a discreet toilet with mirror and vanity, creating a dedicated place for beauty and personal care routines. The toilet corner is designed to integrate seamlessly with the design of the wardrobe, keeping a coherent and refined aesthetic.
Customizable toilet corner | Wardrobe Simply | Dallagnese
Customizable toilet corner | Wardrobe Simply | Dallagnese
What character will the handle you choose give to your Simply hinged door wardrobe? Look at all the customisable parts starting with the doors.
  • Door
  • Inside
  • Wooden accessories

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