Bedroom with Casio glass wardrobe and Sentempa bed | Dallagnese

Wardrobe with hinged door


The Casio wardrobe represents the perfect balance between soberness and modernity. The aluminium frame frames the glass door with sophistication, giving the entire wardrobe a contemporary and distinctive appearance.
Casio wardrobe with glass hinged door | Dallagnese

The lightness and elegance of glass

The glass wardrobe represents the quintessence of elegance and lightness in furnishing. This classic opening solution becomes even more precious thanks to the reflections that glass gives the room. The transparency of the door gives an unexpected feeling of lightness and offers a seductive preview of its contents, even when the wardrobe is closed.
Casio glass hinged door wardrobe | Dallagnese
Casio wardrobe with 180° door opening | Dallagnese

The glass door is a flexible design choice. It can be used to create a minimalist, contemporary look or be customised with a fabric glass effect.

Fabric effect glass

The fabric effect on the glass gives the wardrobe an atmosphere of warmth and sophistication. The delicate weave and subtle patterns on the glass door add depth and texture to the surface.
Fabric effect glass door Casio wardrobe | Dallagnese
Feel free to imagine your wardrobe with Casio hinged doors: a perfect solution to furnish your room with style. Discover all the finishes from the glass and mirror finishes available to customise the doors.
  • Door
  • Door frame
  • Inside
  • Wooden accessories

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Bedroom with Casio glass wardrobe and Sentempa bed | Dallagnese