Wardrobe with hinged door


The Tecno hinged door wardrobe is linear and rigorous, able to reinvent itself in a multitude of different ways thanks to a rich modularity and a wide range of finishes. You can choose from wood essences, matt, glossy and special lacquered or mirror finishes.

Flexibility of the Tecno wardrobe

You can customise your Tecno hinged door wardrobe as desired. In the pictures, for example, there is a composition with functionality in mind. It is equipped with open modules, LED lighting and internal drawer units.

The Tecno door pairs with the Simply hinged door to open with the groove handle that runs along its entire profile.

How will you decorate your Tecno hinged door wardrobe? It is available in wood, glass, mirror and lacquered finishes, including special lacquered finishes with metal or cement effect.
  • Door
  • Inside
  • Wooden accessories

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