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Wardrobe with hinged door


A hinged door wardrobe that combines a simple, linear design with smart use of interior space. With Nodo, the possibilities to create customised combinations are endless, from open compartments and bridge solutions to versatile home office units and even an elegant toilet.
Nodo hinged door wardrobe | Dallagnese

Full-height handles

Full-height recessed handles are a distinctive design element of Nodo. Handles not only add a touch of style to the wardrobe, but also provide a comfortable and intuitive grip to open or close the doors. Available in a variety of lacquer colours or metallic finishes, the handles outline door grooves, creating a fascinating visual contrast.
Nodo hinged door wardrobe with handle | Dallagnese
Nodo hinged door wardrobe and home office station | Dallagnese

If you are looking for a new wardrobe design for your bedroom, Nodo will perfectly suit your needs and allow you to organise your space efficiently and stylishly.

Functional Home Office

Nodo also offers the possibility of being equipped with a writing desk, transforming your bedroom into an uncompromising work or study environment. The addition of a writing desk is a brilliant solution for those wishing to maximise functionality with aesthetics. In this image a writing desk in heat-treated oak wood with verde malva matt lacquered back panel and canapa matt lacquered sides.
Home office corner | Nodo wardrobe | Dallagnese
The range of materials and finishes available to customise the door of the Nodo hinged wardrobe is extremely wide, including textured finishes, woods, matt and glossy lacquers or with special effects... discover them!
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  • Inside
  • Wooden accessories

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