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Wardrobe with hinged door


A wardrobe with hinged doors designed to integrate perfectly into the decor of your room. Its refined design is enhanced by the skilful creation of a graphic frame, defined by the elegant joints, which add a touch of style to the entire room.
Boiserie wardrobe | Dallagnese

Graphical pattern

The refined design is enhanced by the skilful creation of a graphical frame given by the horizontal cuts. These clean, precise lines create a visual rhythm that gives the wardrobe a unique character.
Boiserie wardrobe handle | Dallagnese

The handles, besides being functional, become a sophisticated decorative element that further enriches the closet pattern.

When functionality meets elegance

The Boiserie wardrobe with pass-through door is the perfect solution to separate spaces while keeping the same design. Closed, it blends harmoniously with the wall, while maintaining the visual continuity of the room. However, when it comes time to separate or connect two spaces, this wardrobe transforms into an elegant joining point.
Boiserie hinged door wardrobe | Dallagnese
Boiserie wardrobe door | Dallagnese
What will your Boiserie hinged door wardrobe look like? Discover now all the finishes of the various elements available to compose it.
  • Door
  • Inside
  • Wooden accessories

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