With a wide range of wardrobes, including both hinged and sliding doors, together with Dallagnese’s exclusive walk-in wardrobes, the Wardrobe Collection enriches the Night Collection in a harmonious balance.

Glass Up wardrobe

Contemporary elegance

In the Wardrobe Collection, functionality and aesthetics are flawlessly combined to redefine the night space. The new wardrobes embody the harmonious balance of modern shapes and selected materials that optimise interior space, creating a complete and effective system with perfect stylistic continuity between wardrobe and walk-in closet. Hinged door wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes or walk-in closets: each furnishing solution is versatile and can be customised to suit different tastes, offering functional solutions perfect for contemporary living.

Modularity becomes an art with the new Wardrobe Collection. The freedom to combine different doors and finishes allows you to express your individuality through design.

The entire collection offers the possibility of shaping the furniture to suit the space, responding to any need. The possibility of customisation makes it a versatile and original solution, tailored to the personality and space of whoever chooses it.

Selected materials for an infinite style palette

At the heart of the Wardrobe Collection’s design, we focused on enhancing materials, elevating the furniture experience to new levels through refined choices and handcrafted details. Each component has been carefully selected, offering multiple opportunities to express oneself and give each wardrobe a distinctive touch of natural elegance.

Discover the full range of materials we use in Dallagnese wardrobes.


From the new lino textured finish for the interior, which lends a touch of natural elegance, to the exterior upholstery, such as the leather of Cinta, the fabric or eco-leather of Tela and the intriguing cannetè of Ritmo.

The Cinta wardrobe stands out for its unique personality, thanks to the exterior leather upholstery that envelops it with a touch of timeless sophistication. The leather, selected with the utmost care, guarantees a quality that goes beyond appearance, narrating the story of a material that is synonymous of luxury and durability. A distinctive feature are the matching stitching, tailor-made along the perimeter of the door.

The true essence of the Tela wardrobe, on the other hand, is revealed in its graphic chequered pattern, covered with fabric or eco-leather. The softness of the fabric adds a touch of warmth, helping to create a cosy and enveloping sleeping space.

Elegance of glass

In the new Wardrobe Collection designs, glass becomes the undisputed star: with Casio, Glass Up and Glass All, the extensive use of glass elevates the wardrobe concept to a new level of sophistication and modernity.

With Casio, the sobriety of the aluminium frame becomes the distinctive element that elegantly frames the glass door. Glass Up represents a modern classic, where the glass door, whether sliding, hinged or folding, transforms the wardrobe into a true display. While the extensive use of glass in the Glass All walk-in closet transforms the sleeping space into an oasis of light and sophistication.

Among the new finishes is the fabric effect glass, which lends the wardrobe an atmosphere of warmth and sophistication. The delicate texture changes with the light, adding dynamism and a touch of sophistication to the glass doors.

The new walk-in closets: modern, elegant, stylish

Dallagnese walk-in closets transform rooms with geometric lines and harmonious proportions that fit various architectures and aesthetic requirements. Stylistic continuity is combined with the ability to adapt to every need, making the walk-in closets a distinctive element in any context.

Five different designs that offer a complete range of solutions, combining style, customisation and versatility.

From the Bamboo walk-in closet, a refined programme with aluminium frames fixed to the wall or ceiling, to Easy with its characteristic rack structure. From the Project walk-in closet, an evolved solution that skilfully blends boiserie elements with a sophisticated rack system, to Scena, a wardrobe without doors and sides, without forgetting Glass All, an all-glass walk-in closet that can create central compositions in the room or fit perfectly into the walls.

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