It's chair or armchair as you wish, with the seat resting on the wooden frame, to be stained in the countless finishes in Dallagnese's range. Our attention to craftsmanship is emphasized in the Hull armchair, with its hand-sewn leather shell.
Hull chair and armchair | Dallagnese

Hull Armchair

An elegant shell wraps the fabric, leather or faux leather seat and transforms it into a full-fledged armchair, including armrests. It is made of genuine leather, in different color shades, 100% handcrafted. In fact, its parts are made by a tailor who specializes in leather shoes and then sewn together by hand and riveted.
Hull armchair | Dallagnese
Hull armchair, fabric and leather shell | Dallagnese
Entrance hall with Hull armchair | Dallagnese

The softly shaped, very organic leather shell of the Hull armchair resting on the machined wooden legs is a detail of refinement and craftsmanship.

Hull Chair

The simplest version of this Dallagnese product is the Hull chair option, comfortable and essential. The seat, resting on the wooden frame, can be upholstered in fabric, leather or faux leather with visible stitching and is also perfect for furnishing rooms with small spaces.
Flap table and Hull chair | Dallagnese
Hull chair | Dallagnese
Check available finishes for Hull chair and armchair now. Remember that the back of the backrest may also be different from the front, both in material and finish.
  • Seat
  • Structure
  • Shell

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