Tailor is a real hard leather chair for legs, seat and ergonomic back. The meticulous cuts, scrupulous folds, and precise stitching of the upholstery guard the metal core.
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Refinement and craftsmanship

Tailor is a chair suitable for classic as well as contemporary styles, with more than craftsmanship, almost tailoring. In the back, for example, it requires a series of workings, of curves and counter-curves that depend on good craftsmanship to create the curious shadow plays imagined in the design phase. Being able to take all these parameters into account gives an idea of the necessary quality of the tailor who goes to dress this chair.
Tailor chair | Dallagnese

It is Dallagnese tailoring expertise that makes up Tailor exactly as envisioned by designer Matteo Zorzenoni.

The details of an elegant chair

The elegant Tailor chair has original armrests that, due to their shape, are supportive and never in the way. The metal frame is bent by hand to allow the precise curvature of the legs at the junction with the seat. It is completed with some hand stitching to ensure the characteristic effect of the legs appearing to emerge from the seat.
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Tailor is entirely upholstered in real hard leather, discover the different colours in the Dallagnese colour range.
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