Wendy is both an indestructible chair and armchair. It has a wooden frame with the special feature that the inner core of the backrest is made of steel, then well padded to make it comfortable and upholstered in fabric, leather or faux leather.

Wendy Armchair

The Wendy armchair with armrests undergoes a hand-crafting of lateral tilting of the edge of the armrest. It is thanks to such intervention that the latter appears to be formed by a continuous piece of wood, hollowed out The wide, comfortable seat gives considerable support to the back and leaves much freedom for aesthetics. A different front and back option is also available, as in the picture that combines faux leather in front and woven faux leather in the back of the backrest.

Wendy has a steel backrest interior, then well padded so that it becomes literally indestructible.

Wendy Chair

The Wendy chair is elegant in its traditional line and sleek with its generous backrest. It features square and rigorous shapes, ideal for those who love rationality, perfect even in the smallest environments.
See what finishes are available for Wendy, the same for both chair and armchair, and imagine the perfect version to furnish your space.
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