This is a table with a central metal base composed of a pronounced profile and subtle inner workings. The fixed countertop is available in different materials.

Metal base

The central base of the Mastertable table is made of metal, actually composed of two independent legs, two L-shaped elements arranged in such a way as to always allow comfortable seating and facilitate movement. The two legs are formed by a prominent frame and subtle inner workings to recall the structure of oriental screens.

The stylistic hallmark of Mastertable is its support, elaborate yet light so as to echo the light lines of the oriental screens from which it is inspired.

Thin top

Mastertable is a table with a slim top that well balances the importance of the base. The shape is rectangular with rounded, almost oval corners, available in different materials and finishes.

Mastertable and Wendy

The oval shape of Mastertable's top makes it easy to pair with softly shaped chairs. Not to be underestimated, however, is the combination with a traditional seat in a linear style such as the Wendy chair.
The Mastertable table can be customized with various finishes for the wooden, lacquered glass or Stoneware top and also for the metal base.
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