The solidity of wood and the lightness of design, for the Flap table. Its inwardly sloping legs rise by opening their section. The inversion they create with the top, tilted outward, looks like a "flap" in flight.

Wooden table

Flap is an extendable rectangular wooden table with a side extension in the same finish as the top. When in use, the legs remain on the outermost part so as to allow maximum comfort for all who sit. It can be made in different wood types and in the range of matt lacquers.

The Flap wooden table is characterized by a solid and light appearance at the same time, as if carved.

Union between legs and top

The turning point of the Flap table design is the union of top and legs: similar lines that are reversed. The slender leg rises widening to join the top, which tapers from there and creates the same play of shapes but in reverse, in a kind of flap.

Flap and Hull

The Flap table paired with the comfortable and essential Hull chair puts it in the spotlight. It gives it all the attention. For a more coordinated choice, where the style always remains gritty, we suggest pairing it with the Tailor chair, adopted in the other images.
The Flap table has the top, legs and extensions all made of a single material, in wood or lacquer. Discover the available finishes.
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