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It is a simple and modern wooden bed. Its design creates an interplay of lines that seek and repel each other, proposed in the facetted headboard, with a continuation of the vein sense, and repeated in the meeting space between the bed frame and legs.
Kiru double bed | Dallagnese

Simple wooden bed

Kiru is a wooden double bed with a simple but not banal design. In fact, its headboard is characterised by a diamond-worked facet that echoes the traditional taste of woodworking. And it does so with Dallagnese's own care: the faceting always maintains the continuity of the wood grain, even on the diagonal, and creates a trend that picks up on the sloping line of the meeting between the bed frame and solid wood feet. Also available in a version with a storage base.
Kiru double bed headboard and Super nightstand | Dallagnese

The simplicity of an all-wood frame and a diamond-cut headboard define the essential style of the Kiru bed.

The wood veneer frame of the Kiru bed can be customised with different finishes. Which one do you prefer? Check the available colours now.
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