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A thousand stripes for the boiserie in canneté wood. They follow one another towards the centre in a cadenced rhythm that slows down and widens in the middle of the headboard in soft upholstered bands. This is the elegantly bourgeois style of the bed with Millerighe boiserie, designed by Federico Peri for Dallagnese.
Millerighe double bed | Dallagnese

Bed with paneling

Characterised by an elegant boiserie headboard, which in the central part becomes a soft support, the Millerighe bed owes its name to the aesthetics of the vertical millings proposed in the wooden part, the so-called canneté workmanship. The same striped effect is echoed in the upholstered and cosy support, which outlines straight and soft cushions.
Millerighe double bed | Dallagnese
Millerighe double bed | Dallagnese

Bed frame in wood or upholstered and covered in fabric, eco-leather or leather, like the central strips of the headboard. Feet always present because they are structural, with connected chamfer in solid stained ash.

Bed with integrated night stands or without

Millerighe, in the version with upholstered headboard and carved wooden panelling, can also be chosen as a bed with built-in nightstands, also in wood. These are fixed tops, integrated into the wood panelling structure, with a cylindrical support leg. A version without night stands is also available, ideal for smaller rooms. Leave the freedom to insert a bed without night stands or to add a bedroom set of your choice, such as the Super night stand by Dallagnese.
Millerighe double bed and Super nightstand | Dallagnese
Millerighe double bed with integrated nightstands | Dallagnese
Choose the finishes you prefer for the fabric, eco-leather or leather upholstery, and for the canneté panels and bedside shelves.
  • Headboard panels
  • Upholstery
  • Structure
  • Shelves

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