It is a fabric or eco-leather bed with a pleated headboard that requires metres of fabric and complex craftsmanship. It is a tribute to Dallagnese's tailoring tradition, conceived for those who appreciate a simple, refined design made with hours of care and precise movements.

Upholstered bed with removable cover

The Plissé bed combines a distinctive headboard, enriched by the thick vertical pleating, with a fully removable cover, with a bed frame that is also upholstered and padded in the same colour, and feet that differ in terms of materials and finishes, capable of imparting a different character to the whole. Also denoting personality is the combination with the Ronda bedside table.

The feet of the Plissé bed are made of transparent plexiglass, solid wood in various wood finishes, or black painted metal with a shaped profile.

Discover now all the fabrics and eco-leathers available to cover the Plissé headboard and bed frame. Which will be your choice?
  • Upholstery

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