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The Goose upholstered bed is covered in a wide range of fabric and eco-leather finishes selected by Dallagnese. The quilted headboard with vertical workmanship slims the whole so as to lighten every choice, even the storage version with its powerful impact compared to the slimmer bed frame on feet.
Goose double bed | Dallagnese

Upholstered bed in fabric or eco-leather

The Goose's headboard appears to be covered by a quilt resting on it and echoes its softness because the cover, in fabric or eco-leather, has the consistency of a duvet, finished with elegant vertical quilting. This play can be emphasised by the choice of matching or contrasting side details.
Goose upholstered bed and Slim nightstand | Dallagnese
Goose double bed upholstered headboard | Dallagnese

Dallagnese's tradition of craftsmanship can also be glimpsed in Goose and in the choice of the upholstered headboard, embellished with vertical quilting.

Check the types of fabrics and eco-leather selected by Dallagnese to cover the headboard and bed frame of Goose. Which will be your choice?
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Bedroom with Goose upholstered bed, Speed Up bookcase and Besu pouf | Dallagnese