Extra goes beyond comfort. It is a very comfortable bed thanks to the special padding placed on a solid frame to allow good support when seated. The headboard almost seems to rest on the bed frame, a detail that adds to its elegance.

Bed with removable cover

The Extra bed in fabric, eco-leather or leather is always removable to ensure the best hygiene and pleasure of use. The perimeter edging, which runs along the entire headboard and bed frame, can be chosen in matching or contrasting colours. In the picture, the shapes of the model are emphasised by contrast with the choice of the linear and rigorous design of the Katana night stand.

The large, full-width headboard cushion is a soft invitation to lie back and indulge in the quality of the fabrics and production.

Discover all the finishes available for the Extra bed, whether headboard, bed frame or base. Imagine the best combination for you.
  • Upholstery
  • Gros-grain Edging

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