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Space is a wave bed for swimming in a sea of comfort or levitating as if on a flying saucer. Its design sketches a kind of unique upholstered line that from the headboard continues to the bed frame, emphasised by the perimeter stitching taken up with sartorial care.
Space upholstered double bed | Dallagnese

Minimalist fabric bed

Even the simplest and most essential design can change a lot depending on individual details. For example with a different base. In addition to the black painted metal feet with shaped profile, feet in transparent plexiglass are also available, for a more futuristic ensemble, or in solid wood, in the many wood finishes of the Dallagnese range.
Space double bed upholstered headboard | Dallagnese
Space upholstered double bed and Slim nightstand | Dallagnese
Space double bed upholstered headboard | Dallagnese

Space is a bed with completely removable covers. You can choose to cover it in fabric, eco-leather or leather.

Discover now the many finishes at your disposal for upholstering your Space bed. There's something for every taste and every need.
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Bedroom with Space upholstered bed, Slim Frame nightstand, Supernova armchair, Azimut coffee table | Dallagnese