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Upholstered double bed in fabric, leather or eco-leather to be customised in a wide range of finishes, selected by Dallagnese. The wide and soft headboard can be protagonist and emphasised as imposing with a base-container or made more slender by the feet.
Hari upholstered double bed | Dallagnese

Upholstered double bed with removable cover

The special feature of the Hari upholstered double bed is the ease with which it can be interpreted and customised. You can choose a quilted workmanship for the headboard, from the refined sartorial taste, and cover in various finishes of fabric, leather and eco-leather the smooth headboard and the bed frame with storage box, as well as decide the materials of the feet. Every Dallagnese bed can also be customised with the choice of night storage units. For example, would you prefer the linearity of the Slim Open night stands or the more structured taste of the Supernova nightstands? Which is your choice?
Hari headboard double bed | Dallagnese
Hari double bed and Slim Open nightstand | Dallagnese

Hari, in the upholstered bed version with a smooth headboard, has such a clean, minimalist line that its gentle, compact shape fits even in the most modern of environments.

Bed with quilted headboard

The search for stylish detail and the taste for craftsmanship are also evident in the version of the Hari bed with a headboard enriched by a neat drop quilting. Given the workmanship, this variant is only available in fabric and eco-leather to guarantee removable covers.
Hari double bed with quilted headboard and Supernova nightstand | Dallagnese
Hari double bed with quilted headboard and Supernova nightstand | Dallagnese
Fabric, leather or eco-leather? What's your choice? Discover now the many finishes available to you for upholstering the Hari bed.
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